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NaruSasu Tell Him Chapter 4
Time passes really fast if you don't pay attention on it. Same time passed fast for Naruto and Sasuke. They studied a lot next year and before they knew it the day has come when they finished school.
Everyone came to school to congratulate them and wish them luck in their future because now they are all 18 years old, and few maybe over 18, and everyone is smart enough to make their own future.
"Okay everyone come here to take a picture! And by everyone I mean you too Naruto!!" said Tsuande, the school headmaster. She waved with hands calling everyone to her.
"Yeah yeah I'm coming!" said Naruto sighing.
After few minutes everyone took the picture and then everyone's parents and siblings started to give them flowers.
"Kyaa Naruto you look so handsome in the costume! If I was a young girl I would fall for you hehe" Kushina hugged him and giggled. She looked at his face, took her thumb and rubbed his cheek "Again you have something on your face!"
"Mooo~m, stop it I'm not a little kid" said
:iconnarubuki:NaruBuki 14 28
NaruSasu Tell Him Chapter 3
Naruto was hitting his head aginst the table about 5 minutes or more. He just couldn't do the task, it seemed too hard for him. Sasuke was already getting annoyed by all that hitting and noise. He felt sorry for the desk, probably Naruto's head is strong.
"Oi, dobe, quit that and sit quietly!" said the raven with his eyes closed, but he didn't hear the answer only the hitting sound. He got angry, slamed his hands against the table then went fastly to the first row, stood next to the blonds table and grabbed his shirt from the front. Naruto opened widly his eyes and looked in the ravens dark eyes, he felt he blushed a bit from being so close to Sasuke.
"Didn't you hear me? I said stop that, Uzumaki!!"
"It's my head I do what I want." he pouted.
"I don't care about your stupid head! I want to sit in silence, not listening to your head bumping all the time."
"If you don't want to listen then at least help me with my task then I'll stop it!"
"Hn, why the hell should I help you?" he raised
:iconnarubuki:NaruBuki 18 17
Mature content
NaruSasu Tell Him Chapter 2 :iconnarubuki:NaruBuki 6 19
Mature content
NaruSasu Tell Him Chapter 1 :iconnarubuki:NaruBuki 6 0
That's the Damian I know
“NOOOOOOO” Nightwing yelled at the top of his lungs. Red Hood dove and caught me, slowly placing me on the ground. The rain was intense yet comforting; I looked down and saw the blood escaping my body. Red Robin kicked Harley Quinn to the floor and came rushing towards me. Batman knocked Joker out and stood in disbelief. “Out of the way, Robin...Oh god” Nightwing was hesitant about touching my wound. “Grayson” I struggled to say with the breath I had left I looked at Batman....”Father.....” he dropped down beside me.
The Joker slowly got up chuckling like a manic, “Well another bird boy down hey?” Jason immediately stood up pointing his gun at Joker “Me...That was alright but a kid? That’s just sick” he said as he shot Joker in the arm.
Nightwing’s Point Of View
I watched as Joker fell to the floor in shock however he still managed to laugh, Tim ran to him and tied him to a pole. My attention went back
:iconlopper71:Lopper71 33 41
Damian's Nightmare
My vision finally began to blur as the door slowly opened. I soon became alert. A little figure slowly entered the room. With the curtains opened it was easier to tell the little figure was Damian in his finlet PJ’s with a hood attached to the shirt (curtsy of Alfred), with the light of the moon I could see the tears rolling down his face. I knew what to do after all this was the sixth time this month this has happened.  I picked Damian up and walked over to my bed, as I sat down he instantly curled and pressed his face against my body. I realised was hugging the teddy bear I “secretly” put in his room. I rubbed his head and hugged him as the tears went down his face...”The nightmare again?” I asked although I knew the answer. He simply nodded and hugged the teddy bear tighter. Being the eldest of the brothers I feel like this is my responsibility to look after everyone, Damian being the youngest only 10 years old is not exactly your average happy lit
:iconlopper71:Lopper71 81 28
NaruSasu Tell Him Chapter 1
Everyone knows how beautiful starts the morning: sun rise slowly starts to push away the dark sky away and with it's soft sunshine wakes up the animals and birds, touching each of them with it's wamrth.
Every morning is beautiful but sometimes students wish the morning doesn't come because they know they have to wake up and get ready for school but only one guy was happy to see the morning. He woke up each morning with a big smile and smiled to the morning sun. He knew that every morning when he wakes up, in front of his house will be waiting his friend.
The blond woke up, rubbing his sleepy eyes and ruffling his messy but beautiful blond hair, remind the sun. He got up from the bed and opened his window and smiled to the sun.
"Morning, dattebayo!" he said with a big grin on his cute little face, what had three whiskers on each cheek and it made him remind a fox. The blond changed his clothes, brushed his teeth and went to have breakfast, and his breakfast always was a bowl of ramen an
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Girl Omorashi 3 by DonarsArt Girl Omorashi 3 :icondonarsart:DonarsArt 15 2 Girl Omorashi 2 by DonarsArt Girl Omorashi 2 :icondonarsart:DonarsArt 11 1 Girl Omorashi 1 by DonarsArt Girl Omorashi 1 :icondonarsart:DonarsArt 7 2 Boy Omorashi 3 by DonarsArt Boy Omorashi 3 :icondonarsart:DonarsArt 15 0 Boy Omorashi 2 by DonarsArt Boy Omorashi 2 :icondonarsart:DonarsArt 7 0 Boy Omorashi 1 by DonarsArt Boy Omorashi 1 :icondonarsart:DonarsArt 8 0 Timothy's Summer Vacation - Part 9 by dyperdrive Timothy's Summer Vacation - Part 9 :icondyperdrive:dyperdrive 189 51 Diaper Boys 31 by HoshiToPawa
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Diaper Boys 31 :iconhoshitopawa:HoshiToPawa 34 7
Bat baby book  by YamiJoeysdogv2
Mature content
Bat baby book :iconyamijoeysdogv2:YamiJoeysdogv2 28 10


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