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Little Sophie
Sophie, stuck her in toddler-like body, waddled up to her foster mom.
"I-I did a poopy in my diapies..." She said, sniffing as tears formed in her eyes. She was too upset to try and suppress her speech impediment, giving in to her childish impulses and sounding indistinguishable for a normal toddler. She clung to her moms leg.
Hellen sighed. "Again? We've talked about the importance of potty training so many times. Even if you are little, you're still 16, and you're old enough to know better!" She picked Sophie up and carried her to her changing table.
"I sowwy..." Sophie said, burying her head in Hellens shoulder in shame and wiping away her tears.
Hellen laid Sophie down on the changing table.
Sophie just twiddled her thumbs, wanting it to be over.
"Hey shrimp!" Cassy teased as she walked over.
Sophie blushed, not wanting anyone to watch her getting her poopy diaper changed.
"Embarrassed? Make it to the potty next time, and you won't need to go through this!"
Sophie covered her face
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Nurse Kate (Chapter 3)
Chapter Three
I stare at her in disbelief.
“Mother sent you to get rid of my ‘affliction’? There. Is. Nothing. Wrong. With. Me.”
Kate nods in response, trying and failing to hide her smirk. She stands up and leans forward, giving me a close-up view of view of her ample cleavage.
“I’m sure…” She said, putting a hand on my shoulder. “…that you’ll come to appreciate my help, Damon.”
I sat awkwardly on the edge of the couch, my eyes flicking from her face to her cleavage. Her beautiful, soft, pale breasts dangled in front of my face, and somehow without my say so, I found myself nodding.
"Good." She said sharply, returning to her seat and looking me up and down.
"One thing you're going to find out very quickly during my stay, Damon, is that everything will be easier if you just smile and say 'yes'."
SOON AFTER THE agreement is struck, I find Kate is taking me down to the basement. Well, one of the basements. There's qu
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Mature content
Nurse Kate (Chapter 2) :iconscapegoat26:scapegoat26 10 0
Nurse Kate (Chapter 1)
Damon was an ABDL. And if you don’t know what that stands for, you’re probably reading the wrong story. After all, this story is about being an ABDL, and what being an ABDL can lead to, if you’re lucky.
Damon was one of thousands of very unique people. Most people, when they reach about three years old, are fully toilet trained. They are no longer required to wear diapers and and no longer have wet nappies sag between their legs.
ABDL’s, however, are special.
ABDL’s are so in touch with their baby selves, that after a few years of being toilet trained, they discover they aren’t all that fond of it. They go online, talk to other ABDL’s and buy diapers and wear them.
If you’re reading this, you’re most likely one of them.
Anyway…where was I…
Ah yes! Damon! Damon was an ABDL who lived in the country with his parents and older sister, Jess. He was sixteen years old and still coming to terms with his sexual self. His older si
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Not So Big Brother (Chapter 2)
After stealing the lithium Dichlorate and also acquiring a selection of other drugs and supplies whilst she was there, Ellie made her way back home at once. It was a dark walk home, and once she got back she snuck in through the back door, tentatively pushing down the handle and sneaking in.
Jack was in the garage working out and her mother had already gone to bed, so nobody noticed her leaving, let alone her arrival.
"Get ready for a taste of your own medicine, Jack." She giggled to herself, pouring a small sample of the drug into his water bottle. Jack loved to exercise, so she knew he would drink it readily after he had finished whatever exercise he was doing in the garage.
With this in mind, and with her plan already in place, she headed up to bed.
Ellie hadn't realised that she had wet herself on the way back, and so peeled off her soggy pull-up and tossed it in her pail. She wiped her crotch and then stuck on a new one, enjoying the feeling of the fresh, crispness of it against h
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Not So Big Brother (Chapter 1)
"Haha I can't believe this! You big baby!"
"Jack, shut up! Give them back!"
Ellie was trying her hardest to hold back the tears, but she was just so embarrassed and annoyed and FURIOUS. Her brother had pushed it too far this time.
Ellie had been keeping her incontinence a secret for a long time now. All her life in fact. The only people who knew were her, and her mother Brandy. Ellie had never met her father, so it was just the three of them together in the house.
That morning, Jack had been trying to wind Ellie up, as per usual. She lived in the room next to his, so he'd constantly bang against her wall to annoy her, or play porn at full volume to make her feel uncomfortable. He'd always do it when she was trying to go to sleep, just to add insult to injury.
He had burst into her room to try and scare her as she was doing her schoolwork, but much to his delight he had found that on her bed, was a pack of pull ups that she no doubt intended to use.
"Haha, you little bedwetting baby." H
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Mature content
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Watch "Captain America Winter Soldier #1 - Complete Story" on YouTube
Tails: Back in Diapers Ch 1
well, here's a little story i've been workin on :D some may have read it already over on DA but i thought i'd give it a go on here
so as the title reads it should be pretty obvious as to what it's about, but there will be one of my OC's in there as well and if you've got a problem with my story, then please keep it to yourself capeesh? it's okay if you give me advice as to what could be better as long as you don't start chewing me out for all the bad things
and don't even get STARTED on the diaperfur/babyfur debate alright? if you don't like it, then don't read it. it's that simple


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